Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Swazi democrats managed to hold their meeting yesterday, despite police banning it.

As I reported earlier today (13 April 2010), police banned a meeting organised by the Swaziland Democracy Campaign at Caritas in Manzini.

Now, Sikelela Dlamini, a participant at the meeting, reports on his website that at least 23 people met at an alternative venue and decided to go to court today to get an order challenging the police’s unlawful action.

He also reports that Morten Koefoed, the consultant from Denmark who was arrested by police on his way to the meeting, was taken to his lodgings where his room was searched by police without a warrant. Police took his laptop, but did not return it when they released him later.

A police spokesman had said that Koefoed was questioned about his immigration status and not his involvement with the meeting.

To read the full personal account of what happened last night, click here.

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