Thursday, December 10, 2009


Fantasy upon fantasy upon fantasy.

Did you hear about the statement Swaziland’s illegally-appointed Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini gave this week outlining what the government of King Mswati III, Sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch, intends to do to improve the ‘quality of life’ of the Swazi people?

The Swazi Observer, the newspaper in effect owned by King Mswati, set out the main points in a handy to keep list.

And here it is.

Re-commitment against all forms of oppression and racism.

A promise not to interfere in the work of the judiciary.

Corruption to be dealt with ‘swiftly and emphatically.’

Fraud and corruption being introduced in the schools syllabus.

An investor roadmap to attract foreign direct investment and local industrial expansion.

Keeping the budget deficit at a low and achieving greater food security.

Eliminating Swaziland’s dependence on imported electricity by developing a 300 MW coal power station by 2013.

An attractive package to retain local doctors and nurses as well as intensify the fight against HIV AIDS.

Ensuring that educational standards in Swaziland schools are maintained.

No, I don’t believe a word of it either. It looks like we’ve got a lot of new material for my Fantasy Watch game. So keep your eyes peeled as we enter this grand new era of Swaziland politics.

Prime Minister Dlamini has given his word to the Swazi people – let’s see whether he keeps it.

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