Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions (SFTU) outlined eight areas that need the kingdom’s attention so as to make the year 2010 a happy one.

In an end of year statement issued by Secretary General Mduduzi Gina, the STFU has put employment creation top of its list.

The organisation said the type of employment needed is one “that will guarantee job security with sound social security nets or at least with minimum conditions as envisaged by the ILO decent work agenda”.

The organisation has also called for “a genuine economic summit of stakeholders” which will “deliberate on a survival kit as we move towards this cloud of economic hardship”.

Thirdly, the organisation wants government to implement free primary education which the state has promised to roll out on Grades One and Two next month.

Fourthly, the umbrella body of trade unions wants “tolerance on dissent political opinions” and the fifth one is the call for a “united mass democratic movement.

“We shall always recognise the SUDF as the vehicle that must unite us all and lead the few miles left to multiparty democracy,” the SFTU said.

Better working conditions for the textile and apparel sector is the organisation’s sixth area of concern.

“The conditions of work in the textile and apparel, hotel and catering, construction, agricultural as well as the retail sectors have not improved, as they are still characterised by casualisation, unsafe working conditions, forced overtime and general denial of freedom of association,” noted the organisation.

A “genuine social dialogue forum” and “an end to corruption in all its forms” are the last two concerns of the trade union.

“As we shall be ushering in the New Year, we at the SFTU shall remain committed to our resolutions of supporting programmes that will encourage the democratisation of our kingdom.

“In fact, the federation can sing ‘happy New Year’ with the rest of the nation all the days of the coming year if the following (above concerns) can be achieved in the country.

Source: Times of Swaziland

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