Friday, October 30, 2009


The following is a media statement released by the Swaziland Solidarity Network yesterday

(29 October 2009).

Justice delayed is justice denied

The Swaziland Solidarity Network [SSN] condemns in strongest possible term the delaying tactics, to commence the trial of comrade Amos Mbedzi more than one year later. [Amos Mbedzi, was arrested in September 2008 on suspicion of planting a bomb at the Lozitha Highway Bridge.]

According to the Times of Swaziland 27th October 2009 edition the trial could not commence because "the Chief Justice is indisposed". We find this as a delaying tactic by the Tinkhundla government as they smell defeat and are aware of the invalidity of their charges against comrade Amos. SSN demands his immediate release from prison after a long period of detention.

Meanwhile, as part of our every Friday protest the Swaziland Solidarity network [SSN] will be picketing outside the Swaziland Consulate tomorrow Friday 30th October, 2009 in Braamfontein Center in demand of the immediate release of all political prisoners, the unbanning of political parties, the return of all exiles and the democratisation of Swaziland.

Issued by the Swaziland Solidarity network [SSN]

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