Thursday, February 26, 2009


The Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO) is set to go ahead with its rally to call for the release from jail of Swaziland democrat Mario Masuku.

As I reported yesterday (25 February 2009),Swazi police have vowed to stop the rally scheduled for Saturday (28 February 2009) at 2pm at Msunduza in the kingdom’s capital Mbabane. We can expect the Swazi police to be violent against the protestors.

Ahead of the rally SWAYOCO has issued the following statement.

SWAYOCO’s Statement for the Release Mario Rally

28 February 2009 Msunduza 2pm

Themed: Against all odds, the youth shall conquer!!

{Kuyawutfombha Indishi yelipulasitiki yebarnabas}

In light of the prevailing political situation in our country. The Introduction of yet another draconian piece of legislation. That being the Suppression of Terrorism Act no 2 of 2008.the youth, SWAYOCO and PUDEMO members in particular are now subjected to even greater scale of intimidation, harassment and discrimination by the Barnabas led pre-school of the tinkhundla system of oppression.

However, as per our preamble in the Youth Charter of SWAYOCO

“We the youth of Swaziland declare for all the people of our country and the world to know, that as part of the oppressed whose forebeares were conquered not only by force of arms, but also by reactionary values of subjugation, we continue to suffer all social, political ,economic and cultural deprivation of a colonized people”

We therefore wish to say to the managers of this political bastard called {Tinkhundla system of repression}

  1. Release our leader Mario Masuku, for you know not what you’ve arrested him for!!!
  2. Release our internationalist, Comrade Mbedzi, six months has passed for him languishing in your dirty gaiolors
  3. Vacate the TROIKA chairmanship, SADC was hallucinating when they voted you to such a seat
  4. Scrap off terrorism act Swaziland has freedom fighters not terrorists only Barnabas.
  5. Where is the free education as you promised the bulk poor majority of Swazis?
  6. Stop the exorbitant rates fees charged by Mbabane city council of thugs

The youth under the command of SWAYOCO pledges with their blood and flesh as tacit guarantees of a democratic victory for the betterment of the jobless and poor people of our country youth in particular!!!

Amandla Ngawetu, power to the youth, away with royal oppression.

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